Tuesday, December 14, 2004

One Last Post Before I Begin My Futile Attempt At Getting Something Bettter Than A C- In Evidence

A finals tip on how to deal with stress.
When I start panicking that I’m going to fail an exam, I look around the room and pick out 10 people who I know are dumber than me or will do worse on the exam. Then I figure, worst case scenario, there’s no way the professor would fail more than 10 people in the class, so I’m safe. It really boosts morale, you should try it sometime.
The underlying premise is that you can pick out 10 people dumber than you in class. Let's see if I can even come up with a list of ten, well there's that one person who....

  1. is completely reliant on commercial outlines, another
  2. who has missed as many classes as one can under SWLAW's attendance policy, another
  3. who spends a lot of time in the library... napping and checking out the 1Ls, another
  4. who hasn't read since the fifth week of class, another
  5. who wears glasses, another
  6. who plays Ms. Pacman in class, another
  7. who plays spider solitaire in class on the medium level - all people who play it at the difficult level surely won't fail, another
  8. who uses a laptop with a really noisy fan, another
  9. who drives a red Civic, and last but not least - or maybe he is the least - there's that one
  10. Filipino.
That would be my ten. Whew, thought I'd have a harder time coming up with ten dumber idiots.

*All characteristics mentioned are of purely fictional law students, unless those law students go by the name of Wayne Fonacier Soller. Any other SWLAW students sharing any of those aforementioned characteristics are therefore, purely coincidental absolving me of any liability because I say so. And if you still think I'm talking about you, then you're freakin' paranoid and are in need of counseling and psychiatric drugs... heavier on the drugs than the counseling.

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