Monday, December 06, 2004

I Should Be Studying For Finals

But then I ran across the following and couldn't help myself.
GloThong is the idea of Beau Carpenter, who works at NASA and is an MBA student at Rice University. The avid runner had wanted to create luminescent jogging apparel, but he got sidetracked after finding a slew of thongs on the Internet.
Puhlease... searching for jogging apparel but finding thongs instead? Are we to believe that Mr. Rocket Scientist is Google illiterate? I think we all know what he was searching for, more like Mr. Horny Rocket Scientist - and really, is there any other kind?
For $49.95 you get a thong that lights up the derriere and almost everything around it for at least two hours. It's water-resistant and comes with a battery wall adapter, or you can buy a car charger similar to those used for cell phones.
Unlike my more obscene counterparts would, I'm going to stay away from the water-resistant joke. And seriously, a car charger? Why not just add an alarm clock too as an additional must-have feature?

Now for the real genesis or impetus - whichever word works best - for the idea.
To test out GloThong, they took their product to a Dickinson topless bar. "The women liked the product so much that they lined up to give us their real names and cell numbers," Carpenter said.
The motivation for any creative idea by men: how to get strippers to give me their number and a name other than Bambi.
They also suggested that the battery be moved to the front of the thong for more comfort.
We salute you strippers, not only for taking your clothes off but also serving as members to an invaluable focus group.

Ladies, order your glothong and send pics of use to WSoller at gmail dot com.


Anonymous said...

A white thong or g-string w/ a black light works just as well!!!

thehotlibrarian said...

I'm obscene?! I could never make a joke about water-resistant, glow-in-the-dark thongs. There is nothing funny about them. They sound like a great step for mankind, akin to walking on the moon and sliced bread. They've been added to my Christmas list!