Monday, December 27, 2004

Con Law Final

It was tough. No multiple choice, only three essays. Three short fact patterns. One of them dealt with the Commerce Clause, another with the Equal Protection Clause, and the other with who the hell who knows what. Bankruptcy? I think Trini spotted the issue in the first question whereas it just flew over my head. I made mention of Raich v. Ashcroft in hopes that knowledge of current events regarding the Supreme Court would help. But that's wishful thinking. I'm better off hoping that he was into his eighth eggnog when he graded my final.

It was the first final of the semester and it was rather demoralizing.

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Anonymous said...

Don't complain about that test. I got it, read the first question, and was about to raise my hand and tell the proctors that I got the wrong test. Here is to my first D or F in law school