Tuesday, December 28, 2004

California Bar Pass Rates by Law School

For all candidates, ABA-Accredited Schools:
1 Stanford 90.5% (86/95)
2 Boalt 85.5% (213/249)
3 UCLA 84.7% (244/288)
4 Hastings 75% (301/400)
5 USC 74.9% (155/207)
6 UC Davis 70.7% (133/188)
7 USD 65.2% (182/279)
8 Pepperdine 61.4% (105/171)
9 Santa Clara 58.8% (161/274)
10 Loyola 58.4% (240/411)
11 USF 58.3% (123/211)
12 McGeorge 57.9% (165/285)
13 Chapman 55.7% (59/106)
14 S'western 47.3% (123/260)
15 Cal Western 41.9% (75/179)
16 Thomas Jefferson 30.6% (48/157)
17 Western State 29.5% (49/166)
18 Golden Gate 29.3% (56/191)
19 Whittier 27.5% (63/229)
We're #14! We're #14! We're #14!

Seriously though, Chapman?! Chapman is a fourth tier school! And they beat us by a good 8%. WTF?! At least Whittier knows their place. That's right Whittier, I'm talking shit about you.

Talking shit about Whittier, what has SWLAW reduced me to? Other than $15,000 per semester of course.

Maybe I should blame the class of 2004 instead. Effin' idiots. I think it's time for the students from SWLAW to realize that we can't rely solely on getting our degree and expecting to pass the bar with just that in hand. And with two months to study for the Bar, there should be no excuses.

Well this ain't going to help the school achieve second tier status anytime soon.


Kay said...

I find it interesting that the California Bar had only a 45% pass rate in 2003, the lowest in the country. I can't believe that the CA Bar Exam is that much harder than other states'; after all, they use the MBE and MPRE. I also don't think it's that CA law students get a worse education there than at other law schools. Maybe it's that California allows graduates of non-ABA Accredited law schools to take the exam? And those who list "law office study" as a source of their education? Not to mention the additional candidates who had not been categorized by source of study, only 34% of whom passed.

My advice is to move to Palau. 100% of their 2003 Bar applicants who attended an ABA-Accredited Law School and who took the exam passed. Yep, both of them.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a breakdown by school of first-time takers' performance vs. that of repeaters. I'll bet SW first-timers did better than the results indicate at first blush (and yes, I'm aware that I used the phrase "first blush"). Also, I don't think it's fair to say we're any worse than, say, Loyola, where almost 200 people failed.

My two cents.