Sunday, November 14, 2004

Random AIM Conversation

cuyaz: Oh by the by, guess what my mom brought me that I am now obligated to wear
Bruin7089: A christmas sweater?
cuyaz: Nope
cuyaz: Almost as bad
cuyaz: One more guess
Bruin7089: Mittens?
Bruin7089: well?
Bruin7089: Christmas underwear?
cuyaz: lance braclet
Bruin7089: live strong brian
Bruin7089: live strong
cuyaz: I kind of like it
cuyaz: haha
Bruin7089: It'll get you chicks
cuyaz: Will it?
Bruin7089: Yeah
Bruin7089: show's compassion
Bruin7089: and shit like that
cuyaz: Oh right
cuyaz: Want one?
Bruin7089: uh
Bruin7089: no
Bruin7089: I'm sticking with the Ass routine
cuyaz: You think the U will like "Ass" or "Compassionate" better
Bruin7089: I don't know
Bruin7089: But may the better Ass win
Bruin7089: Or Compassionate pussy
cuyaz: Is this a contest
Bruin7089: No
cuyaz: I don't like contests where there is no guarantee that one of us will win
Bruin7089: I don't need to be embarrassed

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