Friday, November 12, 2004

Public Interest Law Auction 2004

The auction benefiting students who want to go into public interest was held Wednesday. Besides being better looking in comparison to last year's class, the 1Ls are also cheapskates in comparison to last year's class. For example, this year's baseball game with Dean Cameron went for something in the mid-$200 range. Last year, it went close to $600. Books on Argentina, classical guitar lessons, bow tie with bow tying lessons, other books that no one really wants to read were also auctioned off.

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UGLJVBEJ said...

guitar music note read.

Middle C is always where middle C is on the guitar.

Namely, at (B string 1st fret) B1, G5, D10, A15, E22.

What changes though is NOT the pitch but the rhythm.

To know guitar music note read is to know how to talk and read rhythm.


And not know it.