Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Nothing Special Here

According to the stats of the following quiz, my type, unlike NDC's; Soup's; and E-Spat's, comes a dime a dozen. Or... it could be that I am indeed of the rarest of the types out there but my type tends to frequent this particular online quiz at a much greater rate than the other types, therefore distorting the stats. That's the theory I'm going with. Eff' E-Spat, Soup, and NDC. I'm the rarest of the rare, bitches! So I win this pissing contest.
eXpressive: 10/10
Practical: 8/10
Physical: 8/10
Giver: 8/10

You are a XPYG--Expressive Practical Physical Giver. This makes you a Roving Spouse.

You are magnetic, charming, and impossible to resist. You have no problem with approaching your target sex -- it just comes naturally to you, and the thrill of warming up a stranger is one of your great drives. Still, very few people really know you. You don't just *feel* misunderstood -- you are. You are probably nursing a heartache that you never let on.

You're calm in a conflict (almost *too* calm -- a more emotional partner may wonder why you're not more engaged) and quick with affection. Fighting makes you uncomfortable, but as you avoid direct conflict your frustrations can manifest in the cold shoulder and passive-aggression, which is no better! Still, you make a loving, doting parent -- giving more love than discipline -- and your children prefer you.

Like an XSYG, you put so much thought and effort in what you give to your partner that you feel dismissed and unappreciated if you don't get the same in return. You also give and think so much that you can also talk yourself into cheating -- physically or emotionally -- and this can lead a cycle of conflict, guilt, conflict-avoidance, chilly atmosphere and then more cheating. But you'll stay with your partner in the long run from guilt and a desire to please.

You've got to open up! You express and give so much of yourself in other ways -- don't be afraid to express what's bothering you.

I'm only being so hard on you because you remind me of me.

Of the 154635 people who have taken this quiz, 10.5 % are this type.

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