Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

A few of the things I'm personally thankful for this year.
  • Chemerinsky's treatise on Con Law
  • LexisNexis' Understanding series
  • Case briefs
  • Jack Daniel's
  • Sandy's Con Law outline
  • Starbucks
  • Laptops
  • Ms. Pacman
  • Spider solitaire
  • Vodka
  • Text messaging
  • Origami
  • Beer
  • Really funny videos from the web and when I say funny I mean funny not "funny" as in porn although I really like to watch those in class as well but only in Con Law class because I sit way in the back.
  • The 1Ls
  • The U
  • Seven Jeans
  • Mixed drinks
  • Group study rooms 11 & 12 - not that I've had occassion to use them, but I'm thankful knowing that they're available for "studying" - *wink wink*.
  • Having window blinds in my White Collar Crime class.
  • Being able to stand and have my head above water.
  • Wine
  • Having an alley way to take an emergency piss in because I don't piss in children's playgrounds.
  • Alcohol
  • Good times.
A full list of things I'm thankful for to come if I should be really bored and not completely drunk.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You left out "For that certain someone who pulled my sorry ass out of the water this summer."