Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bunny's Top Five [Romantic] Restaurants

In LA and one in OC.

1. Windows
2. Vibrato Grill & Jazz
3. Yamashiro
4. Dolce
5. The Melting Pot


Wayne said...

Hahahaha Vibrato hahahaha.

Seriously though, what's "Bunny's Top Five [Places to Hook Up] Restraunts [Or Any Place Where Wayne Can Hook Up]"?

Ex Mea Sententia said...

The Melting Pot at #5? Never. It wouldn't even make my top 100. Considering they don't need to cook a damn thing, they're a bit overpriced. May as well buy the same stuff from a supermarket and do it at home for much less. It's not like the quality of their food is much better anyway. That's just my opinion.