Thursday, November 18, 2004


As a courtesy to my mentees I've agreed to read over their memos and give them whatever help a less than mediocore law student can give. Anyway, I received the following email from one of my mentees.
Hi WAyne,

You're off the hook! My cousin, who is completing her third year at the U of M, was able to give me extensive comments. THANKS AGAIN. and I'll hit you up again soon!
First off, it is a big boost to the ego knowing that it takes a near graduate of the U of M law school to replace my mad editing skills. But goddamn it, I spent a good hour during an Evidence class editing her memo before I got the email. How am I ever going to get back that lost hour of playing Yeti Sports, Ms. Pacman, and Spider Solitaire? I'm not! And for that, I will never forgive my mentee.


Anonymous said...

Well, who's your favorite mentee NOW?

Wayne said...

Not my APALSA one.